Thursday, April 21, 2011


Meghan:  has just come out of rehab for the second time, and she’s only seventeen!  Meghan has appeared previously in OGW 12/3/09 and 6/10/10.

Meghan:  Seriously.  Seriously.  Is this it?  Sitting in a damp church basement room that smells like old turkey gravy, listening to some bleached blond in a sweater set who’s trying to look thirty-something but it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s actually fifty-something, listening to her tell us that the “Our Father”, the fucking “Our Father” is really the (fucking) “Lord’s Prayer,” and we should look it up.  Seriously.  I should look that up.
     “Thank you Sharon,” the group says in one voice, like the automatons, the sober robots they are.
     “Eat me Sharon,” is what I say, but under my breath, so they don’t hear.
     In my hand, I hold on tightly to the form the chairperson has to sign to prove I came here, sat through this bullshit for a whole freaking hour of my life that I’ll never get back.  Sat through this, my first AA meeting.