Thursday, October 29, 2009


Gemma is back!  Gemma first appeared in an unpublished short story, “Wings.”  Gemma’s mother abandoned her when she was a child.  Mom was addicted to smoking faery dust, and now that Gem’s an adolescent she has what all the daughters of dusters got – wings.  Horrified and outcast, Gemma has left home for NYC to find her mother, others like her, and maybe herself.


“Truth or Dare,” I said to Luke.  I didn’t really care which he picked.  I was so f*cked up, I didn’t care anymore.  I just wanted to go home…
Wait.  I couldn’t go home.  I was here.  Here was home now. 
Whoa.  I was really loopy, really a mess.  If I’d just taken the dare or told the truth I wouldn’t have had to keep drinking.  But even with all the magical weirdness in the room – the deformities or whatever – the horns, the tails, the wings, the scales – it still felt freaky to be me.  It still felt like everyone was staring at me.  Wait, was everyone staring at me? 
Lola definitely was.  Well ha ha to her.  I leaned on Luke and asked him again, “Truth or Dare?”
“Or consequence,” said Lola.  She looked like she regretted starting this game.
Luke’s tail lashed back and forth as he thought.  “Truth,” he said, smiling at me. 
Was he really smiling?  At me?  It might’ve been the wine.  Or the schnapps. 
Ooo!  That was definitely Luke’s hand on my knee.  My wings fluttered.
“What did you do the first time you knew you were different?” I asked.  I did care, in spite of all I’d had to drink.  Not only did I care, I had to know.
“I know what I would’ve done,” he said, smirking.  “I would’ve done this –“ 
And then, just like that he kissed me!  His lips were just right too, not too soft, not too rough, not too wet or dry.  Perfect really.  I sighed as his shaggy bangs brushed my nose.
“Your turn, Gemma!  Your turn!” Lola was so pissed off. 
I didn’t dare grin.  But Luke had me all fluttery and smooshy and suddenly glad
I shouted so loud that everyone laughed, “Dare!” and then I threw off my bomber jacket and let my wings free!
I flexed, shook them out, and… and… and…
I flew!


  1. I like Gemma's story so far the best; I think it's the wings...

  2. Gemma's story is the first I've tried writing urban fantasy. It's fun, and I'm finding I'm having an easier time sticking with it than I thought I would.