Thursday, August 12, 2010


Eva:  New outsider girl Eva walks with a limp, has a lazy eye, has an unfortunate haircut… well, read on and you’ll see.

I had a dream
I met my twin.
We wore the same earrings:
Scalloped mother-of-pearl.
We met in my doctor’s office.
“Take a book, leave a book”
Says a sign on a basket.
There is a water cooler
At one end of the room
A mirror you walk by
To get to it
That I never look in.
I hate my doctor’s office.
Soon I will have to undress,
And I worry what she will think.
I smiled at my twin, shy.
“Your hair looks like mine,”
She said with a sneer.
I noticed her hair was some
Shade of brown-blonde,
My shade of brown-blonde,
Attempting to be a cute bob.
“Your breasts are kinda small,
I noticed,” I said, as I
I got a small, paper cone
Of water, limped with it
Back to my seat,
And stared.
“You walk funny,”
Said my twin.
“You talk funny,”
I said, feeling meaner,
“Your nose is bent,”
“Your forehead is too high”
“Your zits are gross,”
“You have a lazy eye.”
We scowled,
We pouted,
We stared,
We glared,
And finally,
We cried.