Thursday, December 23, 2010


Stephanie is a young writer-to-be with a domineering mother and a hurting heart.

I feel … ick.  Icky.  Blah.  Motionless.  Immobile.
Because of Christmas coming up?
Because I’m done shopping, and now it’s just a waiting time, and I hate to wait?
Because I want – no, I expect – to write everyday, and today I just don’t want to
Don’t want to don’t want to don’t want to
Maybe by feeling this way, I’ll learn something about myself, or about other people,
Maybe I’ll grow in my understanding of why my mother comes home and yells because my sneakers are not lined up by the door, one is askew and the other is touching the wall and sneakers are supposed to be lined up with their toes one inch from the wall and why don’t I do anything right?

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