Thursday, June 16, 2011


  Emily:  Pills.
     They’re all over my house.  My Dad takes Vitamin D, a multivitamin, and right now, an antibiotic.  The dog takes doggie-profen and glucosamine.  My brother and I each take three vitamins a day, chewables because he’s only five, and me?  I won’t swallow a pill.  
     Drives my mother nuts.
     She easily swallows her pills, tiny handfuls of them.  She keeps them ordered and ready in one of those big, rectangular pill boxes, only she had to adapt hers, putting stickers over the pre-written days because she takes different combinations of pills on schedule, four times a day.  She keeps the bottles in a big basket in her room.  One day, I checked them out.  Just checked them out.  I wasn’t going to take any.  I won’t swallow a pill.
     Vitamin D, 2000 mg.
     Vitamin D, 1000 mg.
     Algaecal (?!)
     Women’s weight loss plus supplement
     Neurontin, 100 mg.
     Neurontin, 600 mg.
 Me, I won’t swallow a pill.

     ...But I will snort them. ;)  

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