Thursday, June 28, 2012


Greta:  When I got to high school, was when I started wearing black all the time.  All Black All the Time, like the name of a sitcom. 

I was very into dark, punk rock/alternative.  I wanted to be different.  Also, black was supposed to be slimming…. I needed to look slimmer, even though people said I wasn’t fat, I was “beautifully bodacious”...  Well, my best friend, Laura, said that. 

Only, truth is, I really was fat. I needed to hide that truth with black clothes.

I guess I was always hiding.  Using my clothes to hide me.  Everyone focuses on the outside of me, so they don’t look inside.  That means safety to me.  I never wanted anyone to know what I was like inside, because I was a mess.

So let my clothes give them my message:  dark, into punk, different and not-fat.

Please, let them believe it.

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