Thursday, October 25, 2012


(I keep toying with Lilly's story -- the girl abducted one night out in San Francisco.  One day it will coalesce into a novel.  For now, I play...)


He wants (me here forever).
He says (speak when spoken to).
He goes (to work or to play, all day, all day).

I wish (for windows, a door, a chance).
I claw (at the plaster under the bed, where he won’t see).
I suck (on my arm until it bleeds).

Prison is too tight
For a fifteen year old girl.
All I did, all I did,
All I did
Was go out,
Was have fun,
Get drunk,

All I got, all I got,
All I got was this,
This room,
These walls,
            And him.

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