Thursday, December 3, 2009


Meghan is a new character.  I sat down to write and thought, "I'm tired.  The Red Bull doesn't cut it for me anymore"... wrote that down for the hell of it, and Meghan emerged!  All I know about her so far is what you read in her Outsider Girls entry.  Her father has a drug problem, maybe her mother too, maybe Meghan herself.  We'll see...

Megan:  I am tired.  The Red Bull doesn’t cut it for me anymore.  My father let me try cocaine once, and it got me up, but not enough, you know?  I mean, it felt good and all that, like it was supposed to, I guess, but
     I am never smoking pot again.  No, really.  Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s what I said about the coke
     Of course I found his stash, well, Stacy who wants to be called Grimelda – no shit –
     “Stop, just stop!” that’s Grimelda, and she’s all yelling and shit at Angel to stop rubbing her back against the edge of the door cause, and I agree, it’s going to really hurt her.
     Grimelda found my dad’s stash of cocaine in his sock drawer of all places, I mean how lame a hiding place was that?  Also a rectangle sample of the same granite we eventually did our counters with
     They weren’t even his regular socks.  Just the holey ones without matches in a drawer covering his coke.
Fuck. Never. A. gain.  No.  More.  Pot 
“Yeah sure,” I say to the offer of a shot of vodka in my Red Bull.  
     Once I heard Daniel Pesco’s dad found his bottle of vodka in the freezer frozen, and Daniel was in like so much trouble, and he’s such an idiot which is why we don’t hang out with him anyway and
     OMG, my mother flipped out when she caught Stacy I mean Grimelda and me into Dad’s stash, she was like, “Fuckin’ A’ Richard—“
     Dad prefers to be called Dick.  No, just kidding.
     I think I want to die here now.  I’m never smoking pot again. 
“Angel, it does not itch that much you’re just stoned!” She better just stop before I before I
     Dad was like, I mean later, when Mom was gone, after she’d stormed off, after she’d made an appointment with me I mean for me to see her shrink
     Dad was like, “Meghan, you just have to ask, honey, you don’t have to steal anything from me, I’m your Dad!”
     I think I’m going to die here.
     I think I might as well.
     Angel stop rubbing your back against the fucking door and everyone just chill out why are you yelling
     Oh yeah, that was me. 

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